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job stories are virtual video events where employers provide 2-3 employees to be interviewed by our host.

We’ll ask questions about your jobs, perks, culture, FAQs about working there, tips for applying, etc.

All webinars are planned 3-4 weeks in advance. JobStories will work with the employer to plan the agenda/topics and pick the employees to be interviewed. The ideal group would include a recruiter, hiring manager and employee who are good speakers and knowledgeable about your company.

  1. Each event is hosted on jobstories.com (powered by the Crowdcast webinar platform) and advertised to people where you hire via Facebook/Linkedin ads.

  2. Employers can also invite candidates in their pipeline to attend so they can learn more about working for the company. Events can be viewed on Jobstories.com, Crowdcast.io, Facebook Live and Youtube LIVE.

  3. The video will then be listed for on demand viewing for the next year across Jobstories.com, Facebook, Youtube and distributed to our LinkedIn and twitter channels. 

  4. Employers will receive a copy of the video file and a list of attendees at the end with names and email addresses.

NOTE: The Employer must provide the interviewees with a web camera and headset in order to participate. A test event will be scheduled before the live event to ensure proper video and audio is working and to review agenda.


Facebook live

Each event is rebroadcast live to the JobStories Facebook audience. Employers can also opt to link their own Facebook page to show the event.


youtube live

Each event is rebroadcast live to the JobStories Youtube page. The event is then archived for search engine purposes and replay.


The cost for each webinar is $895. Discounts are available for multiple events.